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Anyone who operates a small business knows what headaches and potentially costly expenses can arise when servers fail. As the central nervous system of your enterprise, your server keeps all components and departments, including your email, your operating systems, a variety of files and various processes, connected and running seamlessly.

Servers are susceptible to nasty viruses and dreaded malware, and are prone to overheating, as well. Compromised servers can crash and cause extensive damage that can grind productivity to a halt, wasting precious human resources and causing potential loss of business. Additionally, continuity in the customer experience builds loyalty from your clients.

When you need 100% connection to your other computers in your office a wired network is the answer. Unlike a wireless network a wired network is always on and is not affected from interferences from other devices.

tailored Network solutions for your Business

Whether you are a business looking to upgrade your network infrastructure or a new business needing a complete network install than Herrington Solutions is all the network support you will need.

One thing we’ve learned is that there’s no cookie-cutter install projects. It’s one thing to be able to install some wires and connect them correctly to their source, but it’s seldom that easy, there’s always little obstacles that come up and a truly good installer has to be able to forecast such obstacles, and then be able to reroute accordingly. Not to mention make it look seamless and often invisible. You’ve all seen the bad install jobs (just take a close look at the recent cable line install on your home) on the interior and exterior of your home or office.

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