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You may think installing an at home WiFi network is an easy DIY job but it gets more complicated when you realize that today’s homes have more devices than ever before, including smart home appliances and voice-controlled assistants. Many homeowners are also cutting the cord and watching streaming television. All of this plus a potentially larger home with multiple levels can turn a simple WiFi installation into a more complicated job.

When set up properly, your home Wi-Fi system will allow you to quickly and securely access the Internet anywhere in your home from multiple devices. When you have your own Wi-Fi at home, you no longer struggle with slow downloading of software and streaming services.

Say goodby to cables and hello to freedom!

We can design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each wireless solution is custom designed for its location. When the Wi-Fi network setup complete, you never have to fret about having internet again.

We can upgrade your router and also add the infrastructure to spread a powerful WiFi signal across your home or building. We start by anticipating the full range of devices such as phones and laptops, smart fixtures, and all your screens.

Benefits of a wireless network

If your home or business is not already on a Wi-Fi network, then you are missing out on some tremendous benefits. here are just some of the reasons why we highly recommend our Wi-Fi services. 

If you rely on a wired internet connection, that means you have to run cables throughout your home or office. Depending on how many computers you have set up, this can get extremely expensive and troublesome. With a Wi-Fi network setup, there is no need for cables. With just one router, you can all have the internet you need, when you need it.

Our Wi-Fi services aren’t just for computers, they also allow all handheld devices, including phones and laptops, to effortlessly connect to the internet.

Another benefit of our wireless networking services is that all of the computers can share printers, files, graphics, and other multi-user applications, which can greatly reduce how much equipment and software programs you need to purchase.

As part of our Wi-Fi network setup, you can opt to take advantage of advanced encryption technology. This will ensure that all communications are secure and it will provide an additional level of protection against any intruders who try to get into your Wi-Fi network.

Let us set up your home Wi-Fi network to maximize performance and optimize security. We will connect your wireless devices, recommend solutions to dead spots and slow speeds, and perform an Internet speed test.

  • Router setup: We’ll set up your router to maximize performance and optimize security.
  • Connect your devices: We’ll connect your wireless devices to your new Wi-Fi network.
  • Wi-Fi signal test: We’ll assess your current setup and signal strength.
  • Router placement: We’ll help optimize placement of your router while weighing performance and convenience.
  • Help with Wi-Fi problems: We’ll recommend solutions to dead spots and slow Wi-Fi speed.
  • Safety and security: We’ll help you set up a unique network name and Wi-Fi password to protect your personal data.
  • Help with advanced settings: We’ll customize advanced settings, like parental controls and guest networks.

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